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More and more uneven surface on roads, greater number of bumps and holes – all of this can cause problems with the vehicle steering system and its suspension. However, a qualified mechanic is able to check the wheel alignment and then diagnose and eliminate the problems. Thanks to special diagnostic system we can measure and adjust the following aspects of wheel alignment.

How the improvement of wheel alignment can be helpful for my vehicle?

Remember that the wheel alignment provides the optimal comfort while driving. This will ensure a longer life for your tires and your vehicle will be comfortable and efficient while driving. Moreover, your car will need less energy which will save larger or smaller amount of fuel depending on how well the wheel are set. As soon as your car leaves the conveyer belt the wheels are set at the right angles. You should perform the wheel alignment once for a while to be sure that your car will serve you for a long time. Bad wheel alignment results in shorter life of your tire and less comfortable ride. Tires are expensive but taking care of them is not. Alignment (convergence and divergence wheels)

A measure of toe-in in the car means the difference in distance between the front of the wheel (the side facing the direction of travel) and their back. Toe-in means that the front part of the wheels are much closer to themselves than their rear part which looks as if the tires are sliding down inside. The toe-out of the wheel is an exactly opposite situation. Lead angle of the axis kingpin
Lead angle of the axis kingpin of wheels in the driving direction or in the reverse direction is when the higher ball joint pitches forward in relation to the lower joint. From the side view if the upper part of the joint is pitched towards the rear of the car then we have a positive lead angle of the axis kingpin. Camber angle

The camber angle (looking from the front of the vehicle). The upper part of the wheel may be located much closer to the center of the vehicle than the lower one. There could be also the opposite situation when the lower part is close to its center. It looks as if the wheel (looking from the front of the vehicle) will fall inside or outside. Withdrawal of the wheel

Withdrawal of the wheel is a measure of how much the one of the front wheels is extended forward in relation to the other front wheel. It is possible that the left or the right wheel is extended forward. How can I tell if the wheels are set in the correct way? There are a few noticeable signs of a bad wheel alignment, just use your eyes, ears and hands. Your senses can easily detect a fault. Here are a few noticeable changes which say that you should take care of the geometry of the wheels: The vehicle inordinately turns to the right or to the left
Irregular or rapid tire wear
Your steering wheel is crooked while driving straight ahead
A squeal of tires
If you have noticed any of these symptoms go to the specialist as soon as possible.

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